Getting Started

Use the button below to download a Postman collection and environment containing some examples of how to use this API.

Paging Support

Endpoints that support paging follow a standard pattern. By default as many records as possible will be returned up to a server-specified maximum. To change the paging options use the following parameters.

The one-based page index of the page to return. The default is 0 which indicates no paging is requested.
The number of records that make up a single page. The default is 25 but may change in the future without warning. The maximum page size is defined by the server to prevent requesting too much data.

Records can be returned in pages by incrementing the page index parameter until all records are returned. Endpoints that return arrays will use the following headers to provide paging information.

The total number of records available, independent of paging.
The total number of pages that are available.
Link rel="first"
A link to the first page of records. Not returned if there are no records.
Link rel="last"
A link to the last page of records. Not returned if there are no records.
Link rel="next:
A link to the next page of records. Not returned if this is the last page..
Link rel="prev"
A link to the previous page of records. Not returned if this is the first page.

Sorting Support

For endpoints that support ordering the following parameters can be used to control the order in which records are returned.

$orderBy field{,field}*
Specifies the field or fields to sort by.
field mode?
A field name. Available field names are defined by the endpoint.
asc for ascending, the default. desc for descending.


Base URL



Change Log


Provides access to practitioners who have submitted a profile to the board.
Gets the current profile for a practitioner
GET /profiles/current
Gets the status of a practitioner
GET /status

Data Changes

General Changes
  • Profiles/current - Gets the current profile, if any for the practitioner.
This field replaces StateBoard.
This field has been deprecated, use StateBoardDetail instead.
This field has been deprecated and is no longer set, use Description instead.


The preview URL has been removed, use v1 instead.